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A Little Something to Spruce up Your Style Game

A Little Something to Spruce up Your Style Game - Bansri Mehta Design

Jewellery has the power to create something magical. Even a simple piece can add a touch of elegance to your look. Needless to say, when you’re dressing up or dressing down, you reach for the most comfortable and familiar item in your collection. Adding something extra to spruce up your look can sometimes be a challenge. But just being more creative by adding jewellery can really change the face of your look!

Step out with the sin of mixing and match and put on a silver necklace with a gold ring! Take the time to revamp your style by curating a collection and adding what suits your taste. Every now and then, get involved in experimenting a little with your everyday look.

Jewellery, whether simple, intricate, bold or delicate, goes a long way in pulling a look together. Whether it’s a formal or casual occasion, look your best when you add a little spice to your look.

Here are some formulas you can use to create a perfect get-up for your look, while not overdoing it!

Work= Formals+ Dainty Necklace
A meeting scenario is the last place to go overboard. A dainty necklace can add more element to your formals by completing them to look cohesive and put together.

Brunch= Jeans+ T-shirt + Stacker Necklaces
The only thing missing from a put-together brunch is a bunch of layered necklaces! Stacking a few dainty necklaces or a colourful choker with a bold metal creates a casual, yet quirky vibe that’s perfect for brunch.

Formal Event= Skirt+ top+ Hoop Earrings
A classic pair of medium hoop earrings is just the right amount of sophistication for a formal event. A pair of hoop earrings even with a dress code can make you look effortless.

Beach= Shorts+ Tank top+ bracelet
With a few colourful bracelets and jewellery from the Arm Candy collection, you could create a free-spirited and comfy look – just what you’re looking for on a serene beach day! Another way to pull together a beach look is with a metallic bracelet or even a dainty gemstone bracelet.

Evening soirée= Satin dress+ pearl earrings
A cliché, but a statement that can always impress! A lavish evening soirée can be adorned with the elegant combination of satin and pearls. The sparkle of the pearls and the shine of the satin is the stunning, head-turning element that will make you shine through and through.


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