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The Beauty of Silver Around Your Fingers

The Beauty of Silver Around Your Fingers - Bansri Mehta Design

A circle represents completeness, as do rings.
Rings are a staple for women and men. It is probably the most commonly worn piece of jewellery and is so often adorned!

Rings symbolise eternity and love. Wrapped around your finger, it can stand for perfection of any kind in your life! So whatever it stands for in your life, you should set your sights on this defining piece of jewellery.

A ring could perhaps be the most versatile skin, something that almost becomes a part of your skin. A perfect ring could be something you reach for every day or something you save for a special occasion.

In honour of the most adorned piece of jewellery, here are some classic selections of rings

Promise Rings
Promise rings are a celebration of love and togetherness. A promise ring can signify the growth and development of a relationship. This new trend of rings is the most coveted moment among couples. In different shapes and cuts, promise rings are available in variations for semi-precious stones and diamonds.

Sterling Silver Rings
Sterling silver is a classic statement piece that ties any outfit together. Bold and dainty, sterling silver rings come in all shapes and cuts. Popular with stylists and celebrity looks, silver rings are becoming the sturdiest, everyday item in a woman’s collection.

Sterling silver rings for men are also now on the market with more gender neutral options and collections for both men and women to choose from.

Gemstone rings are definitely something that can appeal to you the most. Whether it is your birthstone or your chosen healing stone, gemstones add a personal touch and serve as the best piece for daily wear. The variety ranges from simple rings with a single embedded gemstone to luminous and multiple gemstones. Rose quartz, turquoise and amethyst rings with a plain silver or gold base are some top picks even by celebrities in their infamous daily looks.

Adjustable Rings
All about comfort! Adjustable rings are at the top of the popularity scale because they are easy to adjust. With them, you don’t have to struggle with the tedious task of choosing a size. With spirals and patterns, adjustable rings come in different variations of pearls, gold and silver!

A ring is a signature, a statement; something that defines you. Bold, simple, gold or silver, rings are the X-factor that brings out your best and embodies your personality!


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