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Trendy Necklaces Making Their Mark

Trendy Necklaces Making Their Mark

Linked to good luck, luxury and charm: what completes your look better than a dazzling piece of jewellery around your neck! Whether as an indulgence or a conventional accessory, necklaces are a timeless and evergreen jewellery that becomes a part of your skin.

Necklaces are an all-time favorite from a casual brunch look to an ethnic look for a festive occasion.

From fashion and high-street models rocking new creations to actresses sporting iconic garments stunningly, trends always make their way into the fashion column.

Trends flow in and out of the circuit with new trends making an appearance and old ones circling back.

Here is a selection of necklaces that go straight to the top of trendy necklaces!

Initial Necklaces
Dainty initials in classic gold and silver with your name (or your loved one's) are every brand's current favourite. This piece of your personality with a special touch will add that special something to your look.

Stacked Necklaces
Stackable necklaces are a great spin-off to a regular everyday dainty pendant. One way to style them is to stack different types of necklaces on top of each other, or try pairing an already stacked necklace with another piece. Mixing metals with stones and colours is a hard yes when stacking!

Evil Eye Turquoise Necklaces
A novelty and a craze! Evil Eye is just the rage you want to catch on. The evil eye is a trademark of symbolism and a magnetic pendant to behold. The customizations are limitless with Evil Eye necklaces in gold, silver, blue and turquoise. These turquoise evil eye necklaces are a fresh twist to an everyday look; with more celebrities being photographed in this feature; it's definitely worth jumping on the bandwagon.

Chunky choker
Borrowed from the past! Traditionally, wearing hand-crafted, heavy chokers was a custom in royalty. This extinct tradition is slowly coming back into more common use. Wearing chokers and chunky necklaces is becoming more and more trendy among the youth. Handmade and intricate chokers are styled not only with ethnic wear but also with western outfits, creating a magical fusion of Indo-Western.

Classic pearl
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe had a vision with this timeless, classic pearl set. Pearls have never really gone out of style, but with the evolution and re-learning of fashion, pearls have made a gracious comeback in the industry! Stylists are trying to recreate some iconic looks from all the women who wore them in the past. In parallel, the youth are changing them to the trends of today, seamlessly making a statement. With only good things, pearl necklaces are also wholeheartedly welcome to accessorising!


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