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Adding The Touch of Rose Gold Jewellery

Adding The Touch of Rose Gold Jewellery - Bansri Mehta Design

Rose gold jewellery is the most trending type of jewellery right now! From runway models to designers, everybody is going gaga over anything rose gold.
Styling rose gold jewellery with your outfit can be a perfect match if you want to underdress or even overdress.

With the advent of ‘minimalism’ into the fashion world, rose gold has become a staple choice in every type of jewellery, ranging from watches and rings to earrings and bracelets. A common pick of celebrities is to sport a rose gold watch with their casual white t-shirt and jeans at the airport.

Victoria Beckham is known for the classic rose gold watches; Deepika Padukone and her famous airport looks are a rage because of the minimalistic jewellery with rose gold watches or a bracelet topping that list. Julia Roberts and Kylie Jenner have known to Amp up the red carpet with the basic gold or silver hue with a sparkle of rose gold, making many heads turn!

Not only celebrities, but a lot of corporate looks constitute a classic rose gold watch as a perfect amount of glitz on a monochromatic, formal look.
In TV series, fashion stylists beautifully experiment with rose gold pieces. Be a pendant for a teen character, a watch for an aspiring lawyer, or rose gold danglers for a party scene.

Tossing Gender-specific Accessories!
How often do you see jewellery that is customized to fit both men and women equally? Very rarely!
But rose gold jewellery is undoubtedly breaking those barriers of ‘too girly’ or ‘too manly’.
Rappers Travis Scott and JayZ and famous TV show host Trevor Noah have featured for their lavish and lustrous rose gold watches, which has prompted different brands to come up with even more variations for men, in different shapes and cuts.
But celebrity influence is not the sole reason for rose gold being a rage among people today.
Here is why a rose gold piece is in pretty much every jewellery lovers list:

Blends With Any Colour
Choosing an item to accessorize with an outfit can be daunting and challenging not because it has to match the occasion but because of this recurring thought,
“Will it go well with these colours?”
Pastels, vibrant shades, gradients, or nudes; rose gold fits with absolutely any colour, making your outfit cohesive yet standing out at the same time!

Versatile In Nature
With the media ever popularizing rose gold, the availability of this jewellery is limitless. At first, maybe it was accessible only to luxury brands coming up with different forms of rose gold. But now, almost every jewellery brand is coming up with creative and refreshing pieces.

Even celebrities have incorporated rose gold in their own brand collections.
The metal and its colour are inherently so versatile that they get used with many different stones and other types of metals.

Rose gold jewellery is increasing with experimentative jewellery customization in all types. Rings with stones, earrings with pearls, necklaces with rose gold as the primary metal, or even pendants and charms of rose gold.
Rose gold jewellery is a versatile, all-inclusive, fairly new trend everyone should totally explore!


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