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Shine With A Hint of Silver Designer Jewellery

Shine With A Hint of Silver Designer Jewellery - Bansri Mehta Design

Silver is associated with luxury and wealth and has the charm of catching the eye immediately. Silver jewellery adds finesse to your aura with its lustrous appearance.

Styling the right jewellery with the right outfit is the trick when it comes to styling silver jewellery. Getting the most out of your jewellery, experimenting with variety and looking stunning is the name of the game. Whether you’re going to a small gathering or an office party, it’s important to know what to wear and when without underplaying or overplaying it. Add an exquisite touch to your look with a hint of designer silver jewellery.

Why choose silver?


To maintain the charm of your jewellery and cement it as a long-term investment, silver jewellery should be your answer. Be it intricate designs or solid statement pieces, with silver jewellery you never have to worry about its deterioration. Silver is one of the most robust metals with its natural properties or longevity and is suitable for everyday wear.


Silver can be styled and combined with any colour, be it bright or muted. The hue of silver suits every occasion and look, whether traditional or western. The shine and sparkle of silver brightens all contemporary designs and harmonises with our chunky, handcrafted, classic jewellery.

Match with other metals

Mix and match with silver is the most welcome combination in jewellery! Silver is known to complement other metals and is now used extensively as a combination. A mix of gold and silver is something that fashion is starting to experiment with more and more.

Silver also goes well with precious and semi-precious stones. Silver jewellery with pearls, beads and precious stones like diamonds, rubies and crystals is all the rage among jewellery lovers. Bracelets and necklaces made of silver and pearls will always be the quintessential duo.

Designer silver jewellery offers a wide range of combinations of silver with these stones and gemstones, with unconventional combinations and never before seen patterns.

Some styles that you can emulate with designer silver jewellery

Rustic look

Silver is the answer if you are looking for a pair of earrings or a necklace for a rustic look. Creative designs of handcrafted jewellery that resemble antique pieces can add a twist to an ordinary, modern outfit.

Festive attire

Designer jewellery is the best alternative to traditionally worn gold jewellery. Silver jewellery in textured and intricate patterns made into statement wear really spice up your ethnic and festive attire!

Spice up your classics

You can never go wrong with classic silver jewellery for formal occasions and everyday wear. Bold but solid silver pendants, rings or earrings will make your outfit cohesive and accentuate your muted undertones.

Silver designer jewellery in India has gained a lot of liking over the years! Celebrity stylists, magazine editors, bloggers and influencers all vouch for silver designer jewellery. Not only does it promise quality in the long run, but silver jewellery also guarantees the best and most classic, up-to-date styles. Easy to maintain and hard to resist, make silver designer jewellery the latest addition to your collection.


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