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Go an Extra Mile to Bling it Up

Go an Extra Mile to Bling it Up

Everyone loves a little bit of luxury now and then. The easy way to go about it is by putting an end to the aspirational but futile thinking of imagining the dream get up and making it true as exquisite pieces of designer fashion jewellery can spark that radiation and glow that you have always desired!

Designer jewellery is not accessible by everyone due to its costly nature. A common grievance that people could have is the possibility of a restricted budget cancelling out the option of accessorizing.
But that’s not true anymore!

Although designer jewellery is a little on the higher end of the budget, it is undoubtedly a long-term investment. With jewellery, it is important to invest in a few classic, evergreen pieces instead of expensive statement pieces as it will cost you much more by splurging every now and then on items that will not last a fortnight!

Here are some ways with which one could glam up a look with designer fashion jewellery:

Make better and smarter choices
With online shopping, you can find tons of brands, from new designers to big established luxury ones with more variations and price ranges. So make a choice as per your budget!

Quality over quantity, always
Be mindful, buy premium instead of bulk. Make purchases suiting your comfort zone or liking without getting supremely experimental. Most importantly, buy versatile items that you can style differently, making them useful rather than just a decorative piece sitting in your jewellery box.

Here are different types of Designer fashion jewellery you can use to create some unique looks, using your jewellery optimally:

Bracelets add a rustic and sleek undertone to your outfit.
So, be it ethnic wear or western wear, or even Indo-Western, add a bracelet to get that charm and an understated yet classy look. You can also wear them as variants by mixing them up.

Do not compromise on the unquestionably, most stylish embellishments in fashion- Pearls. Invest in a good set of designer pearls and pair it up with any monochromatic look to get a classic and elegant get up.

Make the best of Limited edition jewellery
Designer brands release a lot of unconventional pieces in their limited editions. These are unique to the brand and also never-seen-before pieces in jewellery. If you plan on buying designer fashion jewellery, make sure to check the limited edition collection, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the creative designer edits in their collection.

Designer fashion jewellery is now coming up in many different variants with colour, shapes, and metals to transform your style statement beautifully. It’s definitely worth it to give it a go!


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