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The Best of Luxury Jewellery

The Best of Luxury Jewellery
What better way to spice up your morning, evening and night than with luxury jewellery! Even though it is a bit more expensive, luxury jewellery is definitely worth the extra pennies you saved. Shopping for jewellery can be a top notch addition to your collection and a perfect splurge you won’t regret!
Let’s get down to the basics:

What should you look for when buying jewellery?

High quality jewellery brands are always open to resizing and redesigning the jewellery. This automatically ensures promised customer service of the jewellery as they are always open to cater to your personal needs. The durability of luxury jewellery can therefore be much higher and better.

Maintenance and aftercare
All jewellery needs maintenance and aftercare. Luxury jewellery is much more equipped and able to handle aftercare and maintenance of jewellery with all the preparation of jewellery with proper packaging and instructions.

Life Expectancy
Something that wears out easily can be a complete deal-breaker. Investing in premium quality jewellery is a requirement for it to last long without the quality and charm diminishing.

Luxury jewellery simply has the best, most unique designs and pieces that you can cherish for a lifetime! You will always find something that catches your eye and demands your attention. A splurge on luxury jewellery can be absolutely worth it!

Why should you buy luxury jewellery, especially when it’s more of a higher investment?

It is for the best!
Luxury jewellery brands in India are booming with options every day with so many unexplored stores that could possibly be right for you.
Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches and more! When there are so many options for all kinds of accessories, it is best to invest in your special picks!

Your emotions and happiness are best reflected through your get-up, and believe it or not, you are most likely spreading a vibe!
When the champagne is popping at a celebration or the whole family is getting together after a decade, you should look your best!
So for big moments like these; bring out the glitz, glamour and splendour with luxurious jewellery.

About Bansri
Bansri offers an exquisite collection of jewellery. Bansri jewellery encompasses contemporary jewellery with a blend of richness and luxury. From various collections of Bansri, high quality jewellery is available across India. With a twist on some classics and some unique creations, Bansri has just the right selection for you to accessorise with luxury!

Bansri’s selection
Cascading Celestial Chain Necklace
Just like the stars that have been chosen for you! This celestial necklace from the Layered Necklaces Collection is the star you need to shine with your ensemble. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, 18k Rosegold Plating, Swarovski Crystals, this piece is a complete embodiment of what luxury stands for!

Seashell Wrap-around Necklace
An ethereal combination of pearls and gold-plating, the Seashell Wrap-around Necklace is a magnetically charming piece to own. Owing to the seashell and pearl theme, this mystical necklace fresh from the Gypsea Collection is just the thing for a break at the beach!


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